Saturday, May 24, 2008

Your Inner Voice

Well I am trully one lucky Mother. I generally consider myself to be a safety conscience Mum who is always one step ahead of my two little boys (i know that statement is a little imaginary as how can we be?) but anyway in my mind I'm there. So I am not sure what made me ignore a screaming voice in my head today. The boys and I met with a friend of ours and her 3 year old at a cafe just off the beach that our husbands were surfing at. I met another couple (friends of my friend) who had two little boys (3yrs and 7 months) We sat down and us girls started chatting up a storm. The husband then went to go for a walk with his son and my two boys and my friends little girl decided to join them. I know the husband knew he had all 4 kids as they eagerly pushed their way through to the front. About 5 mins later he returned with his son and my eldest D trailing behind. Mmmm My friend and I both noted the absence our two children. I asked 'Is E not with you?" to which he shrugged his shoulders and replied "No". He then preceded to sit down and start chatting with the others. I looked at him as to question whether he had any idea of where the other two kids were but just decided I'd go get them myself. I quickly found my friends little girl who had fallen down as was crying and continued on the path I figured they went to return to the cafe. No E to be found. My heart raced a little and panic seemed to be brewing. I came back to our table and asked "Has E come back?" No No and the Dad just sat there and did nothing. I went back over the mound to the brush they had wandered off into and walked a little further in. E could have been anywhere, the grass was a tall as he is and quite thick in parts off the little tracks. I hurried along the base of a huge sand hill heading to the beach, I asked two Mums whether they had seen E, no they hadn't so I back tracked knowing he wasn't off to the beach, went further forward and that's when panic set in. He could have gone anywhere. Straight ahead was more of the same scrub and just seemed to go on and on and to my left the carpark. I headed left toward the carpark and then reached it, still no E. My mind wandered. Shit I have lost my son. I have no idea where he is and its now been about 10 mins since I saw him last. I rushed back along the edge of the carpark and the look on my face must have been good because my friend jumped up ready to rally the troups (she is 9 1/2 months pregnant but much more agile and alert to the problem than 'Dickhead Dad' who is still sitting there thinking... "Who knows! but it obviously wasn't about the missing child" Anyway just as we were about the tell the crowd, E appeared behind a car on the other side of the carpark. Two wonderful ladies had found him and were ushering him back to the cafe in hopes of finding his incompetent and terrible Mum. He had walked around the very large carpark (rabbit warren in appearance) and somehow was making his way back when rescued by responsible mums. Although I still wonder how 'Thank-goodness-he-is-not-my-childrens-Dad' Dad could not only misplace two kids (out of four) but then had no intent to even help in locating them. Although I do have issues with him, I really blame myself for letting a little adult conversation hush the voice in my head that said " Go with them". Today I got lucky but just wanted to let you know that when it comes to your kids, having a conversation with yourself doesn't mean your nuts, just a switched on and caring Mother.

Friday, May 23, 2008


So, I am semi-retired. I worked the last couple of days prepping for the wedding I am helping with tomorrow. Needless to say, I am a little wiped out. So, the hubby was holding the infant who was being pretty fussy. I go and get the pacifier and walk over in my fog to put it in his mouth (the infant), but I seriously tried to put it in my husband's mouth. I am sure you can imagine the look on my husband's face. SORRY, I am tired! He told me I had to put this on the blog because he thinks I am crazy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life Without Preschool

We're in the home stretch now. Just 3 weeks until preschool ends. Dear God, what's a mom to do??? No daily routine, no packing lunches, no carefree days out shopping with one kid or lazing around remembering who I used to be! Just endless quality time spent with me and my two kiddos, speaking gibberish, dicing food into teeny bits, finger painting and cleaning up messes...all day long... day after day...without any breaks. Holy S$#*!!!! I think I'm hyperventilating.
I've reviewed, rescheduled, and reorganized my daily routine to draw up a game plan for survival. I'm vacillating between signing the girls up for one organized activity each day of the week or just sticking to a "promise schedule". So far, I've committed to a little of both. My offensive attack includes: tots' soccer on Wednesdays, messy art on Thursdays, and gymnastics for both girls on Fridays. Mondays and Tuesdays I'll play defense at home: runs to the beach, play dates, library visits, or just down days. I've sprinkled the upcoming summer months with a few weeks of camping, travel, and swim lessons. Does this all sound incredibly too organized?
HELP!!! Momma needs to get her game on! What's yours?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Backyard

Our backyard is (and will probably always be) an ongoing project. But it is one that we truly enjoy. This month officially marks the part of the year where we start spending the majority of our time outside. This year my awesome husband built me three 8'x4' planter beds at the top of our hill. I now have them completely planted and I am so excited! I planted lettuces and onions and herbs a few weeks ago and just finished planting the tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, peppers and rainbow chard this week. Stella and I also planted a bunch of flower seeds so that *hopefully* we can have a bit of a cutting garden. The lettuces are kicking ass right now, we had our first salad from the garden last night - it was a momentous occasion! Here are a few pictures (I make a promise to you all now...I will not start taking pictures of the food that I make from the garden pickings...unless the tomatoes are all that I hope and dream they will be, then you may get some tomato salad pictures, but only because you will want to see them!) We are almost ready for our bbq!

Also, the inaugural swim in the pool, which was at a whopping 74 degrees on Saturday, apparently occurred, of course while mom was not home! At least the baby didn't get in.

The pool will be warmer for the bbq...I hope. It is supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend (of course, it is wine fest) so it should be warming up soon!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Trunk O Junk

I have been driving around this week with a trunk full of car seats. I tried to sell them at my yard sale last weekend to no avail. Then I decided to take them to a second hand store but I haven't found the time. I have anxiety over unloading them into my newly organized garage because I know they will never leave. Something about that place...So I instructed the bag boy to shove my groceries in and around them. I let the dog ride in the passenger seat to the park. I've found ways around using my trunk and it's affected me quite unexpectedly. I am reconsidering my need for a bigger car. I no longer use my rear view mirror for driving-just for checking the kids.
Okay, does somebody want these things???? I have an Evenflo black car seat (20-40lbs.) in near perfect condition bought in 2005. I also have a Graco Infant Carrier car seat and base bought in 2004. It is also in great nick and is grey, black and antique blue. If you or anyone you know could use these please let me know. I'm starting to miss my trunk. Delivery is available.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Questioning My Ethics

Not to get political or anything, but I truly believe that Wal-Mart is evil. I do not like anything that they stand for...while I am all for belief system is more closely tied to the small family business of which I am/have been intimately involved in two. And the fact that they have been caught on film celebrating the closure of small businesses in the towns they set-up shop in really chaps my hide. However, I have found myself in the aforementioned evil empire three times this week and to be completely honest, I feel dirty. I cannot get the smell (you know what I am talking about) out of my nose or off my hands, despite major scrubbing upon returning home. Which leaves me with a question on my hands and a serious weight on my shoulders...where does one draw the line between stretching your dollar and standing firmly with your beliefs. I don't judge other people who shop there, honestly I get it, stuff is cheaper there. And the ONLY things I do buy there come from the craft/sewing section. I really try not to even look at the prices of anything else, because I do not want to be comparing prices in my head when I am at the local organic market that I fully support with my food and toiletry purchases. Like today, I needed some pinking shears and a rotary mat to cut fabric on...I have seen these other places and they are upwards of $30.00 or more for the same size mat I purchased today for $12.00. So, do I stand on the side of my own personal capitalism and make my dollars stretch even further then they have had to in the last few years or do I stand on the side of my beliefs and go without until I can afford to purchase it at another store, which quite frankly could be just as bad, but without the crazy negative publicity. Unfortunately, this week I have to admit to going with my own personal capitalism, immediate gratification and my pocketbook...but I think I need a shower.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In The Market For...

I am in the market for a Danish Style Mid-Century Modern Secretary Desk. If anyone happens to see one in an antique store or knows someone who is getting rid of/wants to sell theirs...please let me know. My desk shares space with toy/play area and it would be so nice if I could close up all of my stuff, leaving more space for kiddos to play without bumping heads on the table or getting into things. Here are some pictures of what I am looking for...Oh yeah, I would like to keep it around $500.00 or less (less would be REALLY good) which is why I have not purchased any of the above pictured desks. The sale price is close to my budget, but shipping from the East Coast is what puts them a little TOO far over budget.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fashion Cents

Thanks to her urging, and babysitting, I took H's advice, dropped my kids at her house and rolled into Coverings' Annual Warehouse Sale (in San Luis Obispo) last week. The ooncha ooncha music blared, the poly dollies primped, and my heart rate tripled when I picked up Michael Stars tee-shirt after tee-shirt for $20 or less. Holy Crap! I emerged from the store an hour later, $300 less, and laden with treasures. I know most of you did not have the time to hit this sale so I am rubbing it in so you are sure to mark your calendars for next year (LATE APRIL 2009). Here are my digits and details: eat your hearts out.

Vivienne Tam black dress slacks...$65, sleek, disappearing zipper, long and slimming. Super sexy.
Cashmere short cardigan with full length sleeves in black by Vince...$28 (Regularly $249!!!)
BOBI tee-shirt dress in watermelon...$12
Mike & Chris fluted zip sweatshirt in green...$52
Five Michael Stars Tees at $14 each!!!

Stilettos and Strollers

This group blog is getting off the ground! I welcome all of you who were sent an invitation to add to this whenever the mood stikes! Please write about food, your favorite new recipe, the latest sale at your favorite boutique, your plans for summer vacation, green housecleaners, cool websites you have found, your kids lates antics...whatever you want! The sillier the better. Let me know what links you would like for me to add to the links list! I am looking forward to seeing where this goes! Cheers.