Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sclemeel, Schlemazel

I just blogged about our bottling over @ ZenaidaCellars.com and included some cool pictures if you wanted to check it out! EO may not let me blog about the biz anymore after this one...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunny Day in Auckland

Just wanted to update your mental images of my boys. We were just hanging out in the back yard today (practising some surf moves)in the beautiful sun. Yay spring is here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Going to Have To Try This

OK, so I made it...and the texture is awesome! It is the consistency of thick, creamy ice cream! The downside - it isn't super banana tasting! Even with really ripe bananas. hmmm...
I think if you blended some fresh fruit in, to give it a flavor, or maybe some cocoa powder, then you might have something. I will try it another time and let you know - or let me know if anyone tries it. But I gotta tell you, the texture is perfect!
I made it for SO's preschool's snack and the kids seemed to enjoy it. And it is great for the lactose intolerant kids!
And prep wise, don't use a blender (of course if that is all you have - then use it), use a food processor...it made quick work of the bananas while my blender just kind of groaned.

I found this today on the kitchn (the kitchen section of Apartment Therapy).
"How to make ice cream with only one ingredient." Intriguing, no?

Photo courtesy Apartment Therapy the kitchn

So I go to check it out because we are BIG fans of ice cream around here.

And do you know what the ingredient is?


How awesome is that?

Peel banana. Freeze banana. Blend banana. Eat banana.

Wish I had some bananas.

And some chocolate sauce.

This will be perfect for my son because the poor little guy can't quite digest milk yet, so he gets fruit popsicles while the rest of us enjoy our creamy delicious ice cream. (Can you tell I am not so much a fan of the popsicle?)

Read the article (for better directions than the ones above) and the comments because there were A LOT of good ideas to add to this already delicious idea!