Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's Talk About Cream, Baby

I want to talk about facial cream regiments. I want to know your secrets.
As a life long sufferer of extremely dry skin, I have done little in face hygiene besides lather on the Pond's at night (whether or not I've actually washed my face) and applied copious amounts of greasy Banana Boat Sunscreen during the day. I get a zit every year.
But recently, I've realized some serious creases in my skin, splotchy discoloration, age spots, need I go on? I'm aging and the proof stares me down every morning in the mirror. How do I stop it?
I want to know the secret methods all you Sephora, Cosmetic Department, Infomercial shopaholics swear by. I want to know how to treat the problem. I want to know how to pamper this limp wrinkled, warp-speed aging skin. And finally, what make-up to use in order to hide the stubborn parts? I want the dewy glow of that 18 year old checker at Albertson's. Who has plumbed the fountain of youth? And how much does it cost?
The past few issues of Lucky Magazine have found me skimming the pages for skin secrets, lip plumpers, and make-up tips. I keep looking for the section titled "How To Make Your Eye Lids Tighter, Your Lips Fuller and Erase Those Eye Wrinkles Without Surgery" but they haven't written it yet, nor have they listed the specific magic treatments available for purchase. Maybe we should put together a list for reference. I'll start...
I just spent an embarrassing amount of money on my personal version of the Elizabeth Arden facial care starter kit. What I bought: Visible Difference Refining Moisture Cream (prevents moisture loss) , Good Morning Eye Cream (let's hope so), Hydrating Mask, First Defense Anti-Oxident Lotion SPF 15. In addition I have also invested in some daily exfoliating facial scrubs. IS THIS GONNA KEEP ME YOUNG??? Or just broke and wrinkled? Somebody please let me in on the secret.


JO said...

Yes, let's discuss. I would also love some recommendations! I used to use Arbonne, but it got a little expensive and then I tried to go paraben free, not an easy feat. So, currently I am using the Aveda Green line, cleanser, nightly exfoliant and lotion. Plus I bought a daily 15 spf cream. I am happy with it, but I don;t feel as if it is doing anything for the wrinkles! I as well am looking for some "magic cream". I want a daily regimen that will make my 35 year old skin look like my 25 year old skin...does such a wonderous product exist for under $500.00?

Gabrielle said...

My neighbor swears by the Cindy Crawford line. She has a "30 day starter kit". She let me borrow a skin tightening mask and after one use, I must admit my face felt taught at the end of my day-but not in a dry skin way, more of a face lift way.
The Elizabeth Arden product, Visible Difference Cream, claims to make a "Visible Difference" in your skin in 10-14. I'm using it 6 times a day in hopes of speeding the results. I also pointed this claim out to my husband who then studied my face and will return to observe possible changes in a week or two. So at least I have a second opinion. Results to follow...