Thursday, July 30, 2009

Call Off The Search Party

Some of you may remember this post where I chonicled the missing loves of my daughter and the follow-up strip search of my house. It is with great relief and honest-to-goodness shock that I am able to report to you that three favorites have indeed been found. All together. By my daughter. In her brother's room. Inside this fabulous little gift box.

Do you want to know many times I have moved that box?

Too many times.

And not once did it feel like there was anything in it.
Damn Beanie Babies.

Now we are a family of twins.

Some cleaner than others.

If anyone placed bets on how long it would take to find them, 11 months would have been the winning bet. ELEVEN MONTHS.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny, crazy little brothers! We just found a "stash" of 5 binkies in S's oven compartment of her toy kitchen. I have been loosing my mind looking for those, at least one a day would go missing! said...

How funny that you moved that box all those times and never thought there was any reason to look in it. Neither would I...
One time when my brother was a toddler my mom turned the ENTIRE house upside down looking for her car keys. Eventually found them in his room in the drawer of his little Fisher Price cash register.