Friday, October 2, 2009

Give Me Shelter

I have an addiction.

I love shelter magazines.

I love them.

I can do without Time, Newsweek, People, Real Simple, etc...but I can't do without...

Fresh Home which is my current favorite.

Or Dwell.

Or even This Old House, which we still get from our "old house" days. There is some good, useful information in there.

I was very sad, I repeat, VERY SAD, when Domino closed up shop. Granted, towards the end they started to suck a little bit, things were expensive and the uniqueness of it was waning, but I still LOVED it. I would curl up on the couch, ignore my family and go through it page by page, reading every article and looking at all of the pictures. I got some great ideas from Domino and used them in my home and business regularly. It provided a wonderful source of inspiration to me.

So today, I was so excited to read on Apartment Therapy, that Domino is BACK. Well sort of.

Photo lifted from Apartment Therapy.

Lonny is a new online magazine that is taking some of its inspiration from Domino. But it is online (the jury is still out on how I feel about that - I think I may miss the tactileness (is that a word) of holding the magazine, but we will see!) I have not made it much past the Table of Contents, but so far it looks great and I am so excited about it!

Happy reading to you all.

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