Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In our constant effort...

In my continuing effort to make our home work better for us, I have decided to move my children in the same room. This had originally been the plan all along, but when VO was a baby and ready to move to his crib, I freaked out. I didn't want one kid waking the other kid up, etc, etc, etc, craziness, craziness, craziness.

Well, 2 years later they sleep through the night fine, they go to bed at relatively the same time, they wake up at the same time. They play in each other's rooms all the time. There is no need for them to be running back and forth all day long. And I need a place for all of my sewing stuff.

So, here is the plan...we are going to move SO in with her little brother, because, quite frankly, that room has the best storage in the entire house. We are keeping the walls white. I am not concerned that their bed spreads don't match. Of course they don't. He is a boy and she is a girl. He, of course, has not figured that out yet, but I am banking on a good 5 to 6 years of them sharing before we will have to move them back to their own rooms, you know, for puberty and fun stuff like that!

And once the room moving and sharing is worked out, then, oh then, the fun will begin! I will be able to leave my sewing machines out all the time. Set up and plug in the ironing board without creating a tripping/fire hazard in my bedroom. My fabric that I am working with will be able to stay on the table. That table will no longer be the dining room table. While I am at it, I am moving my desk and all office related things in there too. I WILL HAVE MY. OWN. STORAGE. CLOSET. FOR MY. OWN. STUFF. It really will be a remarkable achievement.

This room will need to be painted. Because, as much as do love the two-tone turquoise (I really do), it was for SO, not for me. So more fun with paint for JO. And did I mention the closet??

Befores and afters will be posted for your viewing pleasure at some point...I am hoping next week. You know, it is the holidays and I apparently do not have enough to do.

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tj said...

Always look forward to, and love the photos of your creations/artistic talents. Great idea to have a Mummy room all to yourself. Don't forget to hang a sign on the door that reads "Stay Out Mum at play" or "Only open in case of Emergency" !!! Have a great Christmas.