Friday, February 6, 2009

Pondering a Life with all Boys

I have been dealing alot with the "Oh three boys" comments lately, mostly because my 3rd son, H, is only 9 weeks old. At first I got the "... My three Sons comment" but I had to knock that on its head due to the fact, there is NO Mum in that show! Anyway since the birth of my 3rd son I have had some interesting yet very noticable changes in the way I view my life. Minutes after H was born I had a mental shift to gearing my life to accomodate intense physical behaviour at all times. I see it now with my elder two, D and E. The running through the house, the play fights, the real fights, the tree house that becomes a pirate ship, the backyard is a battlefield, anything that is longer than 10 cm becomes a gun, a sword, a weapon, (just want to add a note that neither I nor my husband are aggressive people and do not promote guns swords or violence in our house and I am constantly asking myself where did they get it from, but that is another story for another time).

Anyway I get excited for the challenge of keeping these boys so active that they don't have time to become idle and bored. I am excited by the idea of hikes and bushwalks plus keeping up with my boys should mean getting back in shape (its been too long). We all love camping, and fishing. I want to teach my boys how to be gentlemen, how to clean up after themselves, take pride in themselves. To help them find and nuture their interests, encourage them to try new things, to have an appreciation for music and the arts and the importance of sport and physical activity.

With my eldest approaching school age (he starts yr 1 in April)I have also been wondering how they'll cope with school, is this talk about how boys are struggling with school these days real and how do you deal with it? Will they cope should I offer more help, will this aid him or hinder him?

It worries me that my boys will become those boys you see hanging around the streets, getting into trouble and causing trouble so much so that I have already told my husband that they are to be so busy with sports, music, drama, school and other activites that they dont even have a chance to be idly walking the streets, not to mention the curfews and other guidelines that they are to adhere too:) Mind you my boys are 4yrs, 3 1/2 yrs and 9 weeks old (ok I'm a little nutty about it).

My boys make me laugh, cry and feel so amazing all at once that it is hard to imagine life before them. They are always on the move and their energy levels astound me. They'll challenge me and make me crazy but the love that they have for me is so precious. The only downside to only having boys is that I'll never be the mother of the bride, or share the emotion of a daughter having a baby or just sharing the bond that a mother has with her daughter. All these emotions are leading me to think I might want to try again .......


Gabrielle said...

Well, we all knew you were crazy...and thinking about 4 just seals the deal!!!! No, really, this is your best post yet, T. I think you're best suited for life with boys and handle them amazingly! And if they do become those wild boys hanging around town, I'm sure you're hubby will be right alongside them (heehee). Miss you and looking forward to seeing your boy brood this summer. G

JO said...

WOW! I think those of you with 3 are brave, very, very brave! I feel run ragged with my two, but maybe that is just my personality. If anyone can do four kids with style, grace and the motherlode of patience it would be you! Also looking forward to seeing you this summer - don't be pregnant yet though...we have some making up to do cocktail wise!

tj said...

I will definitely not be pregnant as I know that there will be alot of 'Catching Up' to do. I am very excited. On the 4 children front I have a friend who is pregnant with number 4 due in June (Her children are 4, 2 and 1). She is amazing and still finds time to do crafty projects, like paint prints for her kids bedrooms, has a great little vegie garden, makes jams etc and houses friends whenever they drop by. Mmmm I think she would fit in great with all my over achieving buddies in PR,MB and SLO

GB said...

Hey there Tracey, great post! your boys will definitely not be the ones roaming the streets that we hear and read about so often .... not when they have parents who are there to love them so intently as you guys do! You have great boys! I look forward to seeing if you will go there with the four :) I am still so undecided ... and will prob stay content with my two!
Nice seeing you this morning,