Monday, March 9, 2009

Really, C'mon

Really? Over a month since anyone last posted? What is the matter with us? Is it because we have the winter blahs, your entire family is sick with the stupid cold that is going around, you're depressed about the nations (not to mention your own) financial situation?

I don't know about you, but for me the answer all three.

But the end is in sight...SPRING, HERE WE COME! I am. Officially. Over winter. It is my least favorite season. Sure, I like to take the kiddos up to the snow, dress them up in their snowsuits (that they freaking grow out of EVERY year) and take some seasonal photos. But really, that is enough of winter for for around January 15th, I'm done. But the sun is shining, it is in the 60's to 70's and my kids played outside in the backyard for HOURS this weekend. I am starting to be one happy mommy. I will be a little happier when the last of this snot-monster-barking-cough-bitch-of-a-cold has finally left my house. I went on an exorcism mission yesterday, me and the disinfectant...and the box of Kleenex that I can't seem to stay too far away from!

But I feel better today, SO feels better today and I think VO feels better today. Of course, EO woke up with a sore throat this morning...I thought he was going to escape, but it does not appear likely. That's ok, he is the last one and then we are DONE. Because the sun is shining and the air is warming and all germs will be banished from our house by the anti-bacterial gods.

As far as the last thing, I have come to the conclusion that I have a sickness that cannot be treated with anti-bacterial wipes, zicam or tylenol (narcotics, maybe could work but...I don't think we want a TOO happy mommy). I want to open another business. I had this same obsession last year at this time...but it went away when I convinced myself that I was crazy. But now it is back and I am starting to think it is a good idea...AGAIN. Hopefully the sun will come out and warm things up and melt this crazy idea out of my head. We can only hope.



tj said...

How did you get your kids to play outside for hours? I have to impose a 10 mins compulsory outside time in the late afternoon when they are revved up and yet out of patience. My idea is that there is alot of space out there and less chance that they'll run into each other and start the rumble tumble meltdown that always ends in tears. This gives me a 10 min window that inevitably ends up 20-30 mins but thats tops. Hours sounds great!

JO said...

Not that you need any more on your plate with three boys, but one word...DOG! Our dog Otis is the reason they play outside for so long. He is apparently HOURS of entertainment. SO chases Otis and VO toddles along behind. Otis chases SO and VO toddles along behind. They throw the ball for him, SO tries to run him down with her bike, they yell at him to come back when he escapes to the safe place they can't is good times. Then they have a picnic and then run some more after Otis cleans up the picnic mess! Makes for good nap times too!

tj said...

And very little clean up. Excellent I cant wait to have the boys catch up with SO and VO.