Friday, March 27, 2009

Let the sun shine in (I need the energy)

I need summer for another couple of months please. I am not too happy getting up in the dark and as for night closing in earlier than usual not so happy about that either. There is something wonderfully comforting and energy boosting about the sun. Yes we talk about lazy days in the sun (mostly a saying used by those who have escaped reality to a beach somewhere. Mmmmm I wonder what that's like??)but the warm summer days are filled with trips to the zoo, to the park, running in the back yard and I am so very pleased that we have a large back yard. I more amazed each day by how much energy my two older boys have (and how much energy it takes to keep up with them). I dont just mean running in the park with them. My day starts with being woken up to, "Mummy I need....." and ends with "Mummy I need......." It is also, for me, that time of year when my Husband goes on his winemaking spree. I have to say being a solo Mum in charge 24 hours a day 7 days a week is not exactly relaxing esp with 3 young children to manage. I have also had the unpleasantness of having the house we rent being reclad, meaning outer walls have been pulled off, lots of repair (old builder was dodgey)and then there's putting everything back together. I am finding it tough, its been about 5 or so weeks now and we're about 3 weeks out from the finish. All I want is 5 mins, just a little time to have a cup of tea and read a mag. Am I asking too much? I have a young girl who comes once a week from 4.30pm til 6.30-7pm however she has not been here for about 2 weeks. Today is a beautiful day the sun has heard my cry and has responded, I have been gardening and enjoying being outside (with the boys of course) however the boys have also got the extra energy and its been constant all day. Maybe it more noticable due to the fact they are hyped up from seeing their Dad but unfortunately I can not stop the sun's energy reaching them as well as me so as I struggle to keep up they are also keeping up all the activities that little boys enjoy. Oh and it doesn't stop when the sun goes down because my wee babe is still waking at least once in the night and then around 5.30am, which is neither a here nor there time, just too early to get up and yet not enough time to go back to sleep for any great length of time. My life is definitely written all over my face at the moment. I tried to get a nice pic of me on my Husbands phone last night and the photos were terrible I looked exhausted, now I'm going to have to try twice as hard to get ready for kindy on Monday. Darn it wish I hadn't looked at that photo! I'm banning all cameras in the house for awhile! Well my name is being sung out like church bells on Sunday. Keep at it sun, and please come back and replenish me after 8pm when all the little boys are fast asleep.

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