Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Seems wet Days are here to stay

Well, as all you Californians (and Northern Hem folk) are basking in the glory of sun filled days and balmy nights, send some warm thoughts down south to wet and wild Auckland. Today the sun is shining for the first time in a week (bar a snippet here and there throughout the rain soaked week). What to do with Two young and very energetic kids? Playdates (at other people's houses to minimise chaos and muddy feet in own home) Make doctors appointments near the end of the week and send children off to others to play and arrange outings to museums, underground water world etc all timed to coincide with breaks in the teeming rain. I know its rained a lot as D has started to say, "Mum, gee it's raining" " Look at the rain, its really coming down", "Oh it's raining AGAIN" maybe I need to make other comments throughout the week like, "Mum you're gorgeous" " Love you Mum" "Can I do anything for you" etc. Anyway thankfully this has been eased by the increased level of energy and tolerance that I have again. I forgot what the first 4 months of pregnancy can be like, things were a bit different this time in that I did suffer morning (well afternoon ) sickness and constant fatigue. It's just passed (I'm nearly 20 weeks) and am looking forward to cruising though the next trimester hopefully the rest of the pregnancy. Cheers to summer holidays for you up North and heres to less wet days down here.

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Gabrielle said...

Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you! AND I met your body double, poolside at Disneyland! I mentioned she reminded me of my Aussie friend who recently moved back "Down Under" and she laughed when she admitted her name was- get this-Sheila!
Glad you're past the sickness of pregnancy. Miss your grinning boys and your fantastic friendship. XOXO G.B.