Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sex and the City for One

Well, if ever there was a movie to go to with a girlfriend then SATC would be it, however I braved the room full of girlfriends and plonked myself down in the middle row about as central as I could get and let myself get taken up by my New York City Girls. To my surprise I was not the only lone female in the room and quite frankly I believe I was much more comfortable and in the zone than the lone guy sitting in the back row with his girlfriend and her hoard of friends. Had I not been pregnant I would have gone to the Rialto Cinema which has an open bar and you can take your drinks in to the movies. Dan and I did that on Sat when we ventured out on our own (sans kids) and had dinner and movie. It's been quite a while so we sat for the first 1/2 hour almost dumbfounded and almost a little nervous (Does my breath smell, hope my boobs look good in this) then we remembered who we were with and chowed down of some yummy Japanese. Then off to the boozy cinema to see a great film Brick Lane. It was really a wonderful time and like every other year we vow to do it more often (I think we'll be missing our anniversary this year, what with the 2 week old and all) Anyway just wanted to let you know that the SATC movie was great and reinforces just how great good friends are, and how much we need them, whether their just down the street or half way around the world. Stay in touch and keep the lines of communication open. Love to my girlfriends

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