Thursday, June 5, 2008

Adding One child makes two disappear

I had a very exciting discovery today. D had a little boy come for a playdate. I was planning to do nothing other than field questions about how I could make this, do that and help with something else, yet after some lunch and some introductory questions I was left to fend for myself. Both D & E and little Riley disappeared, surfacing every now and then to ask for assistance with the bathroom and for refreshments. I have not had such a break since my wonderful neighbours entertained my boys for bouts of time after finding them wandering in their backyard (or on the streets!!) Trully relieved that 3 boys really could handle playing peacefully together (no bloody noses, scraped knees or fistycuffs). I suppose this will be too much to ask that I experience this euphoria for the next 20-30 years. (ok well here's to wishful thinking) I almost thought see three children isn't hard then I remembered that our new addition will be at min 3 years younger and is likely to be the bain of the other twos existence as they demand attention from Me all the time leaving little Mummy time for D & E. D is going to be great, he has never had a problem (not that he ever really had a choice or knew any different) sharing me however little hothead E seems to think that I'm his to do with what he pleases. His latest demand is that I get Mimy for him even though most of the time he is in very close proximity, short of telling him to to go .... jump in the lake!!, I merely explain that Mummy is not just here to get his things whenever he wants something (Mmmm wonder where he got that idea from??????) Anyway life here in NZ is good. It's getting chilly especially in the morning but the days aren't too bad. I think of all my gorgeous girlfriends starting this years round of bbq's, who shared a drink or two in the cinema while watching Sex and the City and who are always on my mind. I am already planning to join you for your next trip (doing my bit to read ads) hopefully it doesn't fall too close to Nov 2008. anyway keep me posted by next year I will be desperate to see you all again.

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JO said...

I know the feeling! Not with two kids, but with one. I barely even check on S when she with her best cousin E. They play so well together AND keep each other busy which is the most important part!
Good luck with E and the new addition...maybe he will just demand more of can always hope and dream, while the other child is at your home!
And we miss you too.