Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Life Without Preschool

We're in the home stretch now. Just 3 weeks until preschool ends. Dear God, what's a mom to do??? No daily routine, no packing lunches, no carefree days out shopping with one kid or lazing around remembering who I used to be! Just endless quality time spent with me and my two kiddos, speaking gibberish, dicing food into teeny bits, finger painting and cleaning up messes...all day long... day after day...without any breaks. Holy S$#*!!!! I think I'm hyperventilating.
I've reviewed, rescheduled, and reorganized my daily routine to draw up a game plan for survival. I'm vacillating between signing the girls up for one organized activity each day of the week or just sticking to a "promise schedule". So far, I've committed to a little of both. My offensive attack includes: tots' soccer on Wednesdays, messy art on Thursdays, and gymnastics for both girls on Fridays. Mondays and Tuesdays I'll play defense at home: runs to the beach, play dates, library visits, or just down days. I've sprinkled the upcoming summer months with a few weeks of camping, travel, and swim lessons. Does this all sound incredibly too organized?
HELP!!! Momma needs to get her game on! What's yours?

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JO said...

Um, are braver than I! I could not come to grips with not having preschool this summer, I know, I am a wimp, but that is just the way it is. So we are trying out a new preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays. So that leaves Mondays and Wednesday for us. We are in swimming lessons from for the first two weeks and maybe the next session after that. I am happy to do swim partys at our house any Monday or Wednesday that any one wants! Also super excited about the water park opening up...we missed it last year because I was preggers! But I am secure enough to admit that I LOVE WATER SLIDES!