Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Backyard

Our backyard is (and will probably always be) an ongoing project. But it is one that we truly enjoy. This month officially marks the part of the year where we start spending the majority of our time outside. This year my awesome husband built me three 8'x4' planter beds at the top of our hill. I now have them completely planted and I am so excited! I planted lettuces and onions and herbs a few weeks ago and just finished planting the tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, peppers and rainbow chard this week. Stella and I also planted a bunch of flower seeds so that *hopefully* we can have a bit of a cutting garden. The lettuces are kicking ass right now, we had our first salad from the garden last night - it was a momentous occasion! Here are a few pictures (I make a promise to you all now...I will not start taking pictures of the food that I make from the garden pickings...unless the tomatoes are all that I hope and dream they will be, then you may get some tomato salad pictures, but only because you will want to see them!) We are almost ready for our bbq!

Also, the inaugural swim in the pool, which was at a whopping 74 degrees on Saturday, apparently occurred, of course while mom was not home! At least the baby didn't get in.

The pool will be warmer for the bbq...I hope. It is supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend (of course, it is wine fest) so it should be warming up soon!

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