Friday, May 9, 2008

Trunk O Junk

I have been driving around this week with a trunk full of car seats. I tried to sell them at my yard sale last weekend to no avail. Then I decided to take them to a second hand store but I haven't found the time. I have anxiety over unloading them into my newly organized garage because I know they will never leave. Something about that place...So I instructed the bag boy to shove my groceries in and around them. I let the dog ride in the passenger seat to the park. I've found ways around using my trunk and it's affected me quite unexpectedly. I am reconsidering my need for a bigger car. I no longer use my rear view mirror for driving-just for checking the kids.
Okay, does somebody want these things???? I have an Evenflo black car seat (20-40lbs.) in near perfect condition bought in 2005. I also have a Graco Infant Carrier car seat and base bought in 2004. It is also in great nick and is grey, black and antique blue. If you or anyone you know could use these please let me know. I'm starting to miss my trunk. Delivery is available.


JO said...

I'll take the toddler one if it is still you want $$$ for it?

Gabrielle said...

It's all yours whenever I'm in your hood. Conveniently, it's in my trunk! G