Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm All Alone

Ever since I moved away from my friends in Paso, I have always braced myself for social neglect. For two years now, I have stressed over every invitation I have extended to my Paso gals for fear they would not accept. And every invitation I've sent, for two years now, has been enthusiastically accepted, and observed with impeccable attendance. But before each birthday party or dinner event, I have always had a mental chat to prepare myself for the big goose egg. Just in case no one actually arrived to my social soiree. Because it IS a long drive, and it IS a big effort, and long drives with great effort makes for an even longer night (and greater effort)with kiddos in tow.
Like I said, for two years now I have been overwhelmed with their attendance...that is, until today. Toady my house sat empty, and Shelby hung on the windowsill asking, "Mommy, when are my friends coming?"
I put together a very last minute afternoon beach play date with the anticipation that cool weather would be the tipping point to sway all my Paso gals to join me on the coast. Never mind the fact that I gave them a 2 day warning. Never mind the 3 hour window I allowed them in my hectic schedule where I provided a tight agenda of micro managed fun so I could race off to a work function afterwards with my family.
I even asked my new friend and her daughter to come meet the wonderful women I have been bragging about at my Paso Playdate. At least somebody showed up...and she wasn't from Paso. Oh well, we made the most of the 70 degree weather and gusting winds out there on our beach. And I kicked myself for forgetting to have the mental chat about "The Long Drive and The Possibility of No Shows" because I really wasn't prepared to miss you all as much as I do now.
Ironically, it has been nearly two years to the day that we made our hasty exit from Paso. And I'm hoping that it's the happy chaos of summer with children, and not the distance, that keeps us apart. Missing you all, G


Anonymous said...

I was so bummed to miss it but it fell smack in the middle of afternoon nap time, I even complained to J that she was "still sleeping", he did not seem to sympathize. Give us another chance....please! -EC

JO said...

Um, okay, my heart is breaking for Shelby right now. Of course it is the happy chaos and NOT the distance, because it really is NOT that far. Unfortunately we were not back into town yet, but we would have probably missed it anyway as it was naptime. It does take a little more effort to make things happen these days whether you are 5 minutes away or 30, but I am happy to make the effort because as you so eloquently put it on your other blog, the friendships we have (accidently!) fostered are amazing and worth the effort! We will see you soon!

JO said...

P.S. not that it is funny, but it is kinda funny that your title is "I'm All Alone" and the BlogHer ad right next to your headline is "You are not alone"...it is your cyberspace answer!

Gabrielle said...

Ahem, I'd like a little cheese with that ham, please. And the layer of guilt was pretty damned thick! I had to reflect on the moment and I, of course, had to make you all feel bad. It's what I do! But honestly, your absence just made me miss you more so I am anxiously awaiting our reunion next week! You all rock! G