Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Little boys and a women's body

My two little boys (4 1/2 and nearly 3) don't know the boundaries that I grew up with, where you just never walked in on your mother in the shower (unless it was dire) and NEVER when she was on the toilet. In my house it seems there is a honing devise attached to the loo so when I sit it beckons the little ones (a little like the Pied Piper I suppose) I am then bombarded with, "What are you doing (Wee or Poop?), and comments like, "I have a penis do you? "No" "Why?" " Because boys have a penis and girls have a bottom", "Yes, your bottom is the fluffy one" "Ok just let Mummy finish so we can move on" and off they go yelling I have a penis and girls don't!!!!

I often get " Your boobies are big Mummy" "Yes well that's because I am having a baby" "Is that where you will feed the baby" "Yes and I fed you like this when you were a baby" then there's giggles and a quiet look that suggests they are trying to remember the experience. Then E says "Boys have boobies too" "Yes they do but just little ones" D replies "Yes boys are just this big (and shows me an appropriate little space between his fingers) then he says, "And Mummy's are THIS BIG and stretches his arms out VERY wide" Under my breath I scream then say quietly and calmly " Yes that's because Mummy had two very beautiful little boys".

But after all the less than favourable comments made, this mornings one made me smile. D came into the bathroom while I was showering. He commented on why there were clothes tossed to the side so I told him thats what Mummy will wear today. He starts to filter through and hones in on the bra, which in his little hand looks larger than usual (well that and the fact that I'm 5 1/2 months preggos and they are larger than usual). He ponders for a while then says, " These are going to be my new eyes and promptly drapes them over his eyes and starts running around. I get out and dry off, "Here you go Mummy, Why do you need these bros!! anyway?" Then looking up at me says " Mmmm, your boobies look........ (I await the usual comment of HUGE) but to my surprise he simply says... beautiful!" Ah ha there is some of his Dad in him after all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey T!!! I miss you!!! What a hilarious story! I understand all too well with a little boy as well. Can't wait to see you soon!!! Hope the pregnancy is going well!