Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rookie Mistake

As we drove away from our friends house last night the hubby and I looked at each other confused. "Why was that NOT fun?" I asked him, we always enjoy a BBQ with friends? Then the light bulb went off, we had made the mistake of not feeding our newly independent and picky 1 year old before we got there.  We both spent the majority of the BBQ trying to get "Miss S" to eat, offering her way to many choices in hopes that something would make it into that belly of hers instead of on the patio.  We said "bye" to people we never said "hello" to, neither of us finished a single conversation, I left my hat, her sippy cup and a cookie tray behind. "I think I was rude" I said.  Hubby told me not to worry as they have all be in our shoes.  It was a rookie move, we failed to take into consideration that this past week "Miss S" has gone from eating pretty much whatever we throw down to eating....well picking at...buttered toast, oatmeal and fruit...sometimes. Our "baby" has become a toddler, a picky and easily distracted toddler that just wants to run around and play, and not eat her vegetables. Lesson learned, feed the kid before hand if you want to enjoy a social event. 


tj said...

Ah yes, I remember those days,and you remind me what I am getting myself into again.

JO said...

YES! Must feed kid first if you want to be able to eat. It only takes one time.

Carolyn...Online said...

Yeah, that happened to me once. Once. Since then you could live for a week with the snacks I have stashed in my purse.