Sunday, July 20, 2008

When the old needs replacing (no really it does)

Well here I am again its after 10pm and I am on my NEW computer my husband so spontaneously purchased for me over the weekend. I say spontaneously yet it has taken him nearly 6 months to concede that it was actually very much in need. My old computer screen was a nice shade of pink with very blurry words and pictures that I could not see (just today I actually got to see the plant that culterednativity bought for her anniversary). Anyway I have also decided that I am to get organised and start going to bed early. MMmmmmm well as i sit here I think if I bypass the kitchen and not notice the last of the dishes that don't go in the dishwasher I could probably hit the sack now but would I get much sleep? Don't think so. I know all you organised freaks out there are saying "What there are still dishes on your sink" It isn't actually a normal thing (anymore!!!!) but I have been so preoccupied with looking at my lovely new and clear screen I have not had a chance.
Back to my husband and his loving and generousways, I just went to blogher and read a couple of random blogs including one from Mom2ways who had recently wrote about how wonderful her husband was when she threw the Wii remote smack into their new fancy tv (he even had the children saying don't worry- where do you find one of those husbands??)anyway this prompted me to promote my own husband who after me complaining for so long about my pink computer screen came home with a brand new computer only to turn on the old one and have the screen turn out to be perfect (not even a pink hue!!!) and not curse or fuss with only a mild, oh look the screens working again. (Damn computers and their finicky ways)So I say well done to my man who not only went out and secretly bought me a new computer but who didn't overreact when my broken one turned out not to be broken.

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